Monday, April 13, 2009

May's Thai

Address: Shop 18, Mayfair Village, Cnr Manly Rd & Burnett St, Manly QLD
Tel: (07) 3393 9999

I remembered I particularly liked the lamb the first and last time I came here, but upon returning to do my food blog it seemed different.

Entrée: Chicken satay skewer sticks – very wholesome with a thick, crunchy peanut sauce (70% peanut pieces, 30% stay sauce i.e. very peanuty).

Main: Lamb green curry made to Thai hotness.The vegies were fresh enough but the curry might as well have been a soup. It did not compliment the coconut rice very well but maybe the soup-like ‘curry’ was that way to offset the denseness of the rice.

Thai heat was very manageable, but did give me the sniffles (but not purple lips).

I remembered the lamb to be seared and crispy on the edges but this was nothing more than blanched and quickly stirfried. Might have to try the stirfries next time.