Monday, April 27, 2009

Lunico Ristorante Italiano (Woodfired Pizza)

Address: 27 Kennedy St, Kingston (Canberra) ACT
Tel: (02) 6295 0777

This was really not a bad pizza. I found this place by accident, and mostly out of desperation. I was a public holiday in Canberra and almost 9pm. That rules out most restaurants in the possibility it would be open or the staff willing to serve.

The restaurant is fairly large, and has a vintage broadway feel to it. I’ve paid more for worse pizzas, and this was quite nice.

The dough and pizza base was freshly made, soft, thin but tasty – really bringing out the flavour of the toppings. In this instance I ordered the Americana: chilli salami, tomato with cheese.

It wasn’t altogether healthy, but not at your extreme of a comparable oily-pan franchise pizza. It had an optimal level of unhealthiness because it tasted hot, fresh and great!