Friday, April 10, 2009

Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant

Address: Marina Mirage Seaworld Drive MAIN BEACH QLD
Phone: (07) 5591 7222
Fax: (07) 5591 7003

Open for lunch & dinner


I ordered my staple 2 favourites from Omeros Bros:

For entrée: half a dozen Kilpatrick oysters (it was here the love affair began).

Main: Spaghetti Marinara. The serving size was just perfect, not too small, but not overwhelming unachievable to finish. It was enough to make you feel sleepy and needing to be rolled out the door though. The flavours in this marinara are indescribable and how I believe every marinara should taste – fresh seafood flavour, infused in a ripe tomato pasta sauce. The key word is infused – I suspect the chef uses parmesan or something to seal the flavours.