Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cha Cha Char Wine Bar & Grill

Address: Shop 5, Plaza Level, Eagle St Pier, Brisbane QLD
Tel: (07) 3211 9944

Eagle St Pier is reminiscent of the Darling Harbour of Sydney, semi-touristy in the middle of the city. Cha Cha Char was a recommendation from a Brisbane local, and lived up to its very name for creating a great vibe, atmosphere combined with its delectable menu.

For starters we had bread roll with ‘moo jus’ & pistachio butter (pictured below). Moo jus is like a diluted gravy-like substance you can go ahead and dip your bread in. It has a slightly bitter taste, and one of my fellow dining buddies suggested the secret is actually vegemite.

Main: Pictured is the beef cheek. This wasn’t my dish but I was told that the piece of meat was huge, and surprisingly tender. You can see this place is dedicated to doing a good steak, serving all parts of the cow you didn’t even know could be served as a culinary dish.

I wanted something a bit lighter (plus the lighting was making me tired) so opted for the woodfired chicken. This was a thigh piece, so the meat was guaranteed tender, a little drier on the skin but extremely juicy. The complimentary mash potato was warm, buttery and melted-in-mouth although the lemon flavour was almost non-existent.

Side: Cajun potatoes – absolute foodgasm! They came out with these dried green herb flecks, I was disappointed to see that it didn’t look spicy at all. They were small potatoes, lightly friend to hold their flavour and upon eating these they actually really pack the Cajun punch!

Will also take this opportunity to introduce this amazing (and expensive) natural spring? water served at this restaurant. It is called Voss – Norwegian Artesian Water, comes in a glass bottle as pictures, and has a very refreshing taste, and slight bubbling at the bottom.