Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Big Pineapple

Address: Nambour Connection Rd, Woombye QLD
Tel: (07) 5442 1333

I came here to buy a souvenir (pineapple money box with face if anyone wants to sell me theirs), and learn about pineapples (and macadmias if that tickles your fancy).

We didn’t get to try any pineapples on this tour, but I learnt much about fruit and random facts about the locality.

The best thing I did eat here was the freshly roasted macadamias here (sold in heated metal cabinet) in an apple / cinnamon flavour. The nuts are coated in this cinnamony batter and then roasted so it forms kind of like a shell – perfect pungent spice and not too sweet.

The macadamia nut tour was also quite a novelty – including a train ride in a cabin shaped like a giant macadamia. We got to sample fresh macadamia nuts, which were not at all hard, took a lot of effort to separate from shell, and tasted like coconut (in a fibrous sense).