Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Boathouse (Floating restaurant)

Address: Bartender Jetty, 194 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville QLD
Tel: (07) 5440 5070
Website: www.boathouserestaurant.com.au

We chose this more for the novelty factor and there being a lack of any other restaurants I wanted to put my health on the line for. Wanted to see what this floating restaurant business was all about.

Upstairs is a cocktail bar (with not all that many cocktails, 90% of them containing vodka or some flavoured derivative of vodka which did not impress me), and downstairs is the main restaurant area.

For entrees: Scallops pancetta, pea mash - this was very average, mainly due to the scallops, although being large & juicy, undercooked with a slightly slimy feel. Definitely not a winner in trying to get my co-eater hooked on scallops.

Szechuan calamari on the other hand was absolutely divine! It had a spicy, fresh lemon tang to it, light battered and fried which gave a melt-in-mouth feel, and perfectly cooked so as not to be slimy/undercooked or rubbery & overcooked. You could bite through the calamari and taste the freshness. Would come back here just for the calamari – arguably the best I’ve had.

For main I had this very simple pizza – very disappointed that a supposed ‘nice’ restaurant served a cold pizza which looked like the ingredients were plucked from Woolworths (premade pizza base?) and put together by a primary school kid.

There was nothing pretentious about this place, but if they made more of an effort with the menu they could really get away with charging murderous prices for the indoor/outdoor/seabreeze dining experience.