Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tropicana Juice/Food Bar (Melbourne)

Address: 213 Elizabeth St, Melbourne (opposite GPO)
Ph: (03) 9670 3568

You really can't miss this place - directly opposite GPO shopping centre (and an Australia Post), just look for the shop with the brightest, most colourful signage (not to mention orange bags taped to the front of the store) and you've got Tropicana juice bar.

I was a real skeptic - had I not been dragged there I wouldn't have gone in - looks like a seedy fruit shop. But it was much to my advantage, for I ordered one of the best mixed fresh fruit juices!

You can get great, reasonably priced breakfast deals for about $15 including juice, breakfast and a coffee.

I ordered a vegetarian breakfast with baked beans, avocado, tomato, fried egg and mushrooms on toast with a Tutti Fruitti large juice. This is a great juice - oranges, watermelon, apple and other refreshing fruits - gave me a brain freeze but really made my morning!

Below: Vegetable juice with beetroot, carrot, ginger and other conventionally gross stuff. The taste - strangely addictive. The ginger gives this concoction a powerful punch which most people would despise, but I love the spice. Something different.