Sunday, December 14, 2008

Prasits Thai Northside Takeaway

Address: 395 Crown St SURRY HILLS, NSW 2010 (moved to a couple of stores down the same street)
Phone: (02) 9332 1792

One of my favourite Thai restaurants - always packed out, modest pricing and a casual dining atmosphere which suits any weekend/weeknight.

Below: Curry Puff - this is a melt-in-your-mouth sensation, puff pastry and filling is just bliss...

Below: Tom yum goong (Chilli broth with lemongrass, chilli oil & flakes, mushroom and prawns). Almost a meal in itself (I was greedy and ordered it as an entree, evidently paid the price for it later when I had to be rolled out of the restaurant after eating the main as well) - generous servings of mushrooms and about 3-4 prawns.

Above: Chicken Green Curry - a sweeter rendition of the traditional Thai green curry, not too thick, but not soup-like either - sticks magically to the rice giving it a full-bodied flavour. Chicken is complimented with crunchy blanched green beans and thinly sliced bamboo shoots.

Below: Heaven Beef - eating this is really like being in heaven - a tangy dressing drizzled over a charred piece of beef, slightly rare in the middle and semi-thinly sliced for your delectable pleasure.

Other Recommendations:

Jungle Curry - a coconut milk-less curry, extremely hot and sure to cause runny nose and watery eyes in no time...

Fish Choo Chee Curry - a thicker yellow curry with semi-sweet flavour, and fried fish pieces. Texture of fried fish pieces with the curry over it complimented with rice - a hearty meal.