Saturday, December 6, 2008

Soulmama (global vegetarian cafe)

Address: St Kilda Seabaths (upstairs, on roof level!), Jacka Boulevarde, St Kilda Beach VIC
Tel: (03) 9525 3338
Trading hours: Open for lunch & dinner, 7 days


This is a global vegetarian restaurant, with great indoor views or soak up the sun and overlook the beach out on the deck.

I'm not a drinker but even on this occasion I decided to 'live it up' and try the Blushing Geisha cocktail - an infusion of frangelico, green tea liqueur, strawberries and probably some other crap. I think they just make cocktails better in Melbourne... (in Sydney they're like a mouthful of methlylated spirits or paint stripper).

The ordering system is a little unique at Soulmama - you pay for a ticket where you can choose 3 or more dishes and arrange them in the below fashion (or heaped in a bowl). I chose rice with a choice of 4 mains.

Below: clockwise from left - eggplant & rocket penne pasta salad, brown rice, vegetable bake, teriyaki udon noodles, morrocan lentil pastry roll served with corn & capsicum relish (middle).

Below: clockwise from left - beetroot salad, green salad, tofu/vege stirfy, brown rice, and a vegetable curry of sorts.

Really good, wholesome food. You feel great eating vegetarian because you know its cleaning out & detoxing your insides! For about $17 and a huge plate of food like this - its a great place to chill out (friendly staff btw) and stuff yourself silly with a huge range dishes to choose from.