Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tosolinis (Canberra)

Address: Bailey's Arc London Cct (cnr East Row), Canberra ACT
Tel: (02) 6247 4317

Website: (website also currently being 'updated')

Yes don't ask me why I was there - this was my 5pm lunch/dinner. I was hungry from being stuck in a car all day and being disappointed from other things, and being Canberra on a Sunday afternoon not much is open after 3pm so I took my chances on this one.

Cafe looked classy and staff were attentive and knew what the dishes comprised of (which is suprising because you get a lot of clueless wait staff).

Below: Risotto di pollo - Marinated chicken, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, seeded mustard and fresh herbs (entree size). This was suprisingly good risotto! For such a random assortment of ingredients it actually worked quite well, and the entree size was very adequate (actually looked no different to my fellow eating buddies who ordered main size). The rice was not soft, and not undercooked and there just just enough liquid so that the sauce set the rice without being soggy or parched. Food did take a little while to come out, but it was worth it.

Also recommend the fruity mocktail/gourmet drinks or whatever they call it. I had something with passionfruit, strawberry & blood orange - only they ran out of blood orange so they substituted it with possibly what was pink grapefruit juice. The result: a fizzy concoction of fruity flavours and a revelation that fresh passionfruit makes for a great fruit cocktail.