Friday, January 21, 2011

Muzz Buzz Drive-Thru Coffee

Address: Various locations throughout WA, VIC, SA, North QLD

I feel quite seedy blogging about Drive-Thru coffee but this was the only passable I coffee (prepared by the right barista) on the way to work I could find. That being said, when prepared by the wrong barista, tasted like dirty dishwater.

I was hauntingly attached to the Cheese & Ham Bagel though - such a guilty pleasure in life - eating something cooked in its own shrink wrap.

Below: the devilish Ham & Cheese Bagel I speak of - the cheese is in between a usual cheddar & that fake American cheese served @ McDonalds, and the ham is a thick cut slab of salty goodness. The bagel itself is a softer consistency (slight stiffer than a brioche) and didn't want to take out half the gums in the top of your mouth like usual bagels do.

I can't quite put my finger on it - maybe its the purple & green logo with subliminal messages - but that bagel was GOOD! Its kind of like when Tony Stark in Iron Man craves an American cheeseburger - I crave this random processed ham & cheese bagel from halfway across Australia!