Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Address: North Quarter, Canberra Centre Bunda St, Civic ACT

Tel: 1300 546 475 (1300 Kingsleys)

A premium steakhouse with outlets across Australia.

I’ve always been a steak skeptic, this didn’t fail too dismally but I do feel they are still overpriced without offering much in terms of a foodgasm.

Bread is offered complimentary.


Singapore Chilli Prawns (pictured below) – had a very strong ginger & garlic taste, but perhaps that is how they are served ‘Singaporean’ style.

Salt & Pepper Squid – a cajun spice kick, tinge of coconut flavour, served with dipping sauce. Quite liked this one on its own without the dipping sauce which was overpowering on the subtle natural flavours.


Minute Wagyu Steak – flattened (almost mince) steak with the signature ‘marbled’ consistency that is wagyu, served with garlic butter. Probably one of the more adventurous dishes on the Kingsley’s menu which worked quite well. Pictured below with soft shell crab.

Drink: Verjuice – non-alcoholic ‘red wine’. Had a slight spice to it, very refreshing fruity drink with a sophisticated modesty. Would definitely return for this.