Thursday, January 29, 2009

Koko Black (Chocolate Cafe)

Address: Shop 4, Royal Arcade, 335 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel: (03) 9639 8911


What you must have here is the Iced Chocolate drink - I accidently drank into my co-fatty's Iced Chocolate (I ordered Iced Mocha) and I thought I was in heaven. It is pure bliss, a more bitter derivation because this brand likes to use dark chocolate (hence I thought it was an Iced Mocha), but dense and mysterious. The chocolate flakes give it a fun texture, and the scoop of chocolate AND vanilla icecream give it a sweet offset.

In saying that, the bitterness of the Iced Mocha was a good setup for the Belgian Spoil (pictured below). From right to left: The chocolate icecream (size of golfball) was magical and really held that cocoa bean flavour, the chocolate mousse dusted with caramelised nuts was absolutely sensational (and perfectly sized so I don't tip over the edge), shortbread was overly buttery but not sweet, chocolate cake was doughy - almost like a Subway cookie, and I didnt get as far as the chocolates because by that stage I was ready to regurgitate lunch & dessert.

Below: I dream of this "Wild strawberry ice cream martini with Sienna Strawberry ganache and chocolate garnish". It is some gangsta strawberry icecream - extremely fruity and tangy, beautifully presented and the chocolate sauce is liquerish & semi-bitter to offset the sweetness of the icecream perfectly.

Highly recommended for the real connoisseur's of dark chocolate - a definite place to revisit time & time again for that chocolate fix!