Thursday, January 22, 2009

BCD Tofu House (Korean)

Address:74-76 Rawson St, Epping NSW 2121
Phone: (02) 9868 4300

Opening hours:
12pm-3pm, 5pm-10pm
Sunday 5pm-10pm

This is Koreatown's best kept secret - I first tried BCD tofu house about 5 years ago, then it closed down and apparently moved (although I didn't try looking for it). Someone more in the loop than me found it reopened in the suburb of Epping (used to be located in Surry Hills).

Most Korean restaurants will serve some deviation of a kim chi / spicy soup. This place specialises in it - with silken tofu of course (healthy!)

With any true Korean meal, it starts off with a series of cold entrees - clockwise from left in above picture: spinach, cold raw spicy crab (wierd but cool - try it!), fresh kim chi (the whole stalk, my fave kim chi to date), some dried peppers, bean sprouts.

Below: Tofu soup with mushrooms - crack the raw egg in the soup to give it extra density & texture, or leave the egg whole in the soup and it will cook (like a boiled egg). The taste is quite balanced, I have had some soups where they are over garlic-y, or too salty or too watery. It is spicy though so if you can't take a bit of heat, maybe opt for the a la carte main dishes.

You can have your tofu soup served with plain white rice or this special rice as pictured below. It really is special - sweet in flavour and seasoned with nuts, beans and some brown rice. Very hearty.

I was a greedy fatty and ordered a combination set with soup, special rice and this main dish you see below. That is BBQ ribs - usually a very nice meat dish however in this case I got about 2 halves of a rib, with most of it being inedible sinew. Stick with the bulgogi or teriyaki chicken next time to get your money's worth.

This is an enjoyable dining experience, at a great price for the authenticity and variety that you get.