Saturday, June 18, 2011

Campbell Restaurant (formerly known as Cafe de Campbell)

Address: 1st Floor, 102-108 Hay St, Haymarket (Chinatown) NSW
Tel: (02) 9281 0743

I was delighted when I found out Cafe de Campbell reopened after a 5+ year hiatus (well to be fair their building did get knocked down) - finally I can revisit my high school days when I was cool and hung out at budget HK cafes like this! (Excuse my extremely sense of humour).

Most dishes you will find here are under or ~$10 which is a great price point if you work in the Sydney CBD or passing through wanting a satisfying & tasty meal.

A loving memory I will never forget is eating the Club Sandwich here - it has formed the benchmark of Club Sandwiches for me and when the cafe initially closed down it left a hole in my heart no other club sandwich or BLT could replace.

Below: Club Sandwich - 3 slices of toasted white bread, mayo, lettuce, soft cheese, chicken fillet, sliced ham, and egg - carefully held together with toothpicks. The crunch of the lettuce, acidity of the mayonnaise and saltiness from the ham makes it a light, subtle and most delightful meal.

Above: Your experience would not be complete without trying the French Toast with peanut butter. Forget clumsy bits of ciabatta/sourdough dipped in egg and fried in oil that tastes like BO (yes, that was my last experience of RaNdOM cafe French Toast, never again!) - this is the real deal. Flash fried in a light batter, peanut butter and fluffy white bread ready to melt into a heavenly composition.

With over 120 items on the menu including an exotic mix of hot/cold drinks, you could challenge yourself to try all the items! I recommend the coffee & tea mix drink (you can have it either hot or cold) or just a HK style milk tea (basically a white tea, but much sweeter and stronger). I also love the Baked Pork Chop rice...

Please give them lots of business so they don't go on hiatus again and French Toast with Peanut Butter can continue to be enjoyed by all!