Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shenkin Cafe (Israeli Cuisine)

Address: 53 Erskineville Rd, Erskineville NSW
Tel: (02) 9550 551

I really love it when you randomly find a great coffee & breakfast place - I stumbled across Shenkin purely by accident whilst being too impatient to wait for the normal breakfast place I go to in Erskineville.

Shenkin boasts a 'unique fusion of Australian and Israeli cuisine' - so you will find great coffee (that come with smiles from the people who serve you, for a change), breakfast staples like bacon & eggs and some traditional Israeli dishes which I found utterly delectable!

Below: I actually can't remember the name of this dish, but from memory it was a puff pastry type of bread covered in fresh parsley with a creamy mushroom sauce - wow so savoury and tasty. Simple, yet unconventional.

Above: The usual 'fry-up' with bacon & eggs, sausages, grilled tomato, spinach, mushrooms and toast.

No complaints from me at all - great price points, great food and even more unexpectedly great service.