Monday, December 27, 2010

Para Ti (Spanish Tapas Restaurant)

Address: 8 Hastings St, Noosa Heads QLD 4567
Tel: (07) 5447 3396

Their motto or philosophy is "Para Ti, Pari Mi, Pari Nos" which translates to For you, For me, For us. For Spanish Tapas, it is always enjoyed more with company and with a few drinks. So my suggestion is bring more people to try more of the tapas!

Pictured below:

Snapper fish cake with wedge of lime - great to start with seafood as it is usually the mildest in flavour - reminiscent of the Thai fish cake with the mix of herbs. Love the citrus tang a squirt of lime juice adds.

Above: Pan-fried chorizo, Truss tomatoes and chat potatoes de glazed with red wine vinegar - this was my favourite dish as I thought the flavour was the most complementary and the strongest. Chorizo is perfectly salty with a crisp, chewy edge and the vinegar brings out the best in the tomato & dish.

Albondigas, spiced lamb meatballs in a toasted hazelnut jus finished with yoghurt - the roasted hazelnuts gave this dish a real gourmet feel, spiced meatballs with a cumin, gentle spice kick as you chew through the centre. Not a very strong flavour at all.

Below: Byron Bay Berkshire Pork Neck in a rich rosemary and thyme sauce - was absolutely gorgeous and a real delight with the addition of fetta cheese which you would never assume could improve a good slow braise pork! The meat just melts in your mouth...

Above: Peri-Peri Organic Chicken Skewers - I am pretty sure this is breast meat but this has been cooked very well, not tough at all. The peri-peri sauce has a nice stronger spicy kick to it with a slightly more "African" bitter flavour. The accompanying aioli on a bed of rocket & balsamic was a pleasant addition.

Para Ti (like all the other restaurants on Hastings St) is not terribly good value for money, but one of the better restaurants on that shopping strip that doesn't let the location compensate for quality and uniqueness.