Sunday, July 12, 2009

Poachers Pantry

Smokehouse Cafe
Address: Nanima Rd, Hall NSW
Tel: (02) 6230 2487

Trading hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays 10am-5pm

Tasting & sales: 10am-5pm daily

Poachers Pantry is an instutition for those residing in the ACT or nearby surrounds. Originally a smokehouse selling deli meats, it is located within a farm property.

On this occasion, a meat platter was ordered (there really isn't much choice - meat or seafood) which contained a selection of cold meats, some dips & relish accompanied by bread and lavosh bread.

Chicken - heavily smoked flavour with a hint of spice which is quite powerful (my favourite, light and would be great in sandwiches)

Kangaroo proscuitto - very strong flavour, tends to absorb the smoked flavour in a salty way (must try especially if you are bringing tourist friends) and the meat is quite tought & chewy

Pork/ham - lightly smoked flavour reminscent of a side dish

Sausages - not a fan of these, very strong 'gamey' flavour, but nothing a bit of dip can't cover up.

3 Dips - Eggplant with garlic, yoghurt, radish. These vary according to season I think - the radish one was even had a tinge of wasabi tang.

Relish - Sweet gherkin with lots of flavour and a sharp peppery spice kick to it.

Sundried tomato relish - my favourite relish, a perfect balance of flavour and particularly great with the lavosh bread

Vine leaves stuffed with rice - these were delightful and even moreso with the garlic dip - the vineleaves had a tangy & sour flavour to them which was nicely offset by the savoury flavour of the dip.

As you can see, a wide-ranging assortment of bits & pieces to try and mix/match flavours to suit your taste. I am also told the seafood platter is highly regarded.

Remember to phone ahead to book a table to avoid disappointment because they have been notorious for turning those away who do not have reservations - even if you have travelled halfway across the state to get there.