Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scratchleys On the Wharf

Address: 200 Wharf Rd, Newcastle NSW 2300
Tel: (02) 4929 1111

This place was hyped up to be the best restaurant in Newcastle – so I was expecting a lot. The food took its time in arriving, but it was definitely worth it.

For entrée my table ordered the mixed bread platter (consisting of Garlic, Herb & Sundried Tomato) to start. Bread was soft and fluffy & spread/topping was potent, flavoursome and delightful. The herb bread was sort of pesto-y, kind of like a saltier herb bread. Sundried tomato bread was cheesy (I enjoyed the most) and the garlic bread was almost like the garlic butter they use in seafood dishes (in a positive way)

My main was a seasonal special: “Red Emperor fillet dusted in cajun spices on crushed kipfler potatoes with roasted mediterranean vegetables & balsamic onions with a carrot & ginger Raitha”. The fish fillet was fresh & wholesome, the vegies a loose patty with balsamic through it, surround by sweet potato crisps – a very intriguing tangy flavour. This was topped with a sauce that reminded me of a Vietnamese restaurant – a noble attempt at mixing South-East Asian with Mediterranean. The Cajun spices were hardly noticeable and was nothing special on the fish, but coupled with the “Vietnamese Restaurant” topping packed a new flavour punch. There were so many flavours – a taste minefield!

lso recommended is the the Golden Fried Seafood Plate (Pictured below with modifications): “Battered Fish, Calamari, A Prawn Wonton (which are apparently heaven), Served With Beer Battered Chips, Salad & Homemade Tartare Sauce".

Dessert was a Blackberry & Apple Pie with Boysenberry Icecream – The pastry was fresh ,& the filling exactly as I imagined it to be – melting, & a perfect amalgamation of the strong flavour of blackberries which was put out by simplicity of apples. Actual apple pieces inside! Boysenberry Icecream just made it better and more berrylicious!

Also pictured: Marsbar cheesecake? - I didn't get to try this but for a non-cheesecake-liking person, it looked pretty damn good (served with caramel icecream?).

This meal of course sent us over the edge and in need of being rolled out of the restaurant. But good feed!