Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lanterne Rooms

Address: 3 Blamey Place, Campbell ACT 2612
Tel: (02) 6249 6889


I am really having a hard time tossing up between this restaurant and Madam Woo as my favourite Asian fusion restaurant in Canberra and possibly Australia.

Madam Woo has a lot of dishes, but also which are very similar. Their servings seem to be bigger and dining experience a little more casual.

Lanterne Rooms is situated in a really small shopping town area in a totally underrated suburb. The service is attentive, professional, with passion and interior leaves no doubt as to the choice of restaurant name.


Duck rolls with marinated vegetables with kaffir lime chilli dressing – this was essentially a sweet duck-strip-meat spring roll (in a thicker batter) with an ornate salad and sweet chilli dressing. We had one each and it was gorgeous, and a tease for more.

Grilled lamb cutlets with capsicum mint pesto- this was arguably my favourite, just because I have never seen lamb cutlets executed in this way (excuse the pun). The cutlets had a strong charred flavour, complimented by the bitterness of what reminded me of an olive pesto – the two flow right into each other in unison.


Shanghai rice noodles with dark soy, calamari, prawns, scallops & salted fish – the noodles are what the waiter referred to as a “Chinese gnocchi” with smoky yet sweet soy aftertaste and sticky/chewy, glutinous texture. The scallops cooked nicely, and seafood was also quite pleasant without giving the dish an overpowering sea taste.

Slow-cooked beef curry – the beef here was also similar to a brisket, separated easily and melted in your mouth. The curry sauce was not overly creamy, but rather more like a curry “dressing” with sediment satay/curry flavour to infuse in the beef. Quite a punchy spice it had too…

Campbell’s best kept secret – a must see (eat!)