Sunday, January 6, 2013

Brasserie Bread Co.

Address: 1737 Botany Road, Banksmeadow NSW 2019

Highly rated: Banana Pancakes, Olive cob loaf (from takeaway bakery). To be honest I've never been a pancake fan - but I was assured I'd like this rendition. And boy was I proved wrong! The pancakes at Brasserie are light, fluffy (might I suspect they are fried to obtain the slightly crispy, airy texture) and taste fantastic with the maple syrup, shaved coconut & banana pieces.

 Pictured below: Croque Monsieur - appears to be their signature dish because they kept featuring how to make it in instruction pamphlets across the cafe.

I also purchased some sweet pastries as a gift, namely the blood orange chocolate eclair which intrigued me. The cream was a bittersweet blood orange filling to the eclair which was classically topped with a chocolate stripe.

A handy (and dare I say trendy) breakfast place that does not disappoint.