Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kobe Jones

Address: 29 Lime St, King Street Wharf, Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9299 5290
Lunch: Monday to Friday 12 noon to 3pm
: 365 days a year from 6pm

Note: The handy thing about Kobe Jones is the online booking system - use it!

I believe this is some sort of highly-acclaimed Japanese Fusion Cuisine fine dining experience among Sydneysiders rate so a $250 gift voucher later, I am booked in for a 6pm dinner.

Pictured below: MANGALO Mocktail "fresh mangos blended with orange and crushed pineapple juice with a dash of grenadine" - a really delightful blend of tropical flavours in an icy beverage - quality ingredients which don't separate.

For entree: SPICY WAGYU TATAKI ROLL - "asparagus, burdock root, tamago and chilli sauce, topped with seared wagyu and avocado, served with onion soy dressing" (pictured below). I was a little alarmed at how rare the wagyu was served but upon tasting it was a non-issue - I was enchanted by the fact they were not afraid to use a bit of spice and the sushi contained a lot of different flavours - a fusion of soy, peppery, vinegary flavoured with the warmth of sweetness from the egg. Thumbs up for good, flavoursome sushi!

Mains: VEGETABLE DENGAKU (pictured below) - "grilled Japanese eggplant, baby zucchini and mushroom stuffed with Miso marinated tofu baked with dengaku sauce and drizzled with macadamia nut pesto". Can't say that I thought this dish was extraordinary - the dengaku sauce was no more than a Japanese version of a basil/fetta-esque dip. It made the blander vegetables such as zucchini and eggplant taste richer, but went particularly well with mushroom's earthy flavour. Also served with tempura cherry tomatoes, still on the vine which I thought was the highlight of the dish - a surprisingly sweet & juicy treat.

MISO CITRUS LOBSTER (pictured below) - "whole Western Rock lobster served in a miso citrus sauce on a bed of steamed vegetables and wafu thermidor sauce". Wonderful presentation, the lobster meat was cooked to a very creamy texture however certain parts were slightly undercooked to my liking. I was disappointed in the citrus miso sauce because it tasted like neither, and the wafu thermidor sauce was more like an egg-yolk-cream sauce.
Incidently the vegies were the best part - textures were perfectly and a lovely buttery aftertaste.

For dessert: AMA OZEN (pictured above) - "Kobe Jones’s famous selection of dessert eight samplers with our trademark chocolate chopsticks".

Clockwise from left:"Sushi Me 2" which is the 2 slices of cheesecake which look like sushi topped with fresh strawberry slices and a fruity puree topping - perfect cheesecake texture, not overpowering and the topping contained very organic flavours. "Chocolate trio" which is the bite-sized melting chocolate cake served with green tea icecream - simply, complimentary flavours, "Pacific Pearls" tapioca balls cooked slowly in coconut milk with vanilla and sugar, served with a jelly and compote of fresh mango and papaya - I didn't enjoy this at all but would suit like lighter palate because it is not really sweet at all, " Kanpai Trifle" strawberry freshly cut, marinated in crème de cassis and lemon with a dash of sugar, served with a crunchy sable and marble of vanilla and raspberry sorbet - this was my favourite, very light and fruity topped with a surprise of rosewater flavoured fairy floss (looks like artificial hair), Teacup - I actually have no idea was was served in that teacup but it tasted like yoghurt topped with a berry puree, Macaroons - strawberry, vanilla & pistachio flavoured. There was also the famed "chocolate chopsticks" which are on the outer edge of the platter - a divine, rich, quality dark chocolate (also used in the chocolate cake). It also included the "Anko" flambéed green tea crème brulee which came out on fire - I was a skeptic of creme brulee until this experience, the texture was creamy and almost like a green tea-flavoured mousse. A hint of alcohol resided from the crackly toffee-like coating (probably how they kept it on fire) though which was slightly unpleasant though.

After reading many-a-bad-review regarding their poor service, I was delighted to be greeted with attentive, down-to-earth wait staff. It is not the regular fanfare of silver service and pompousness demanded at other eateries so it is not a bad destination for an intimate meal with company. The only critique I will have is that I really wish they didn't have their restaurant planning meetings infront of my table (seemed kind of unprofessional).

Also the menu contains a comprehensive guide for terminology and spice ratings (which I found to be quite accurate).