Saturday, March 14, 2009

Taj Agra (Canberra)

Address: 35 Woolley Street Dickson, Canberra ACT
Tel: 02 6249 6633


Taj Agra is a well-presented, reasonably priced restaurant serving North Indian cuisine.


1. Tandoori Fish: "Diced New Zealand Ling Fish marinated with spices, garlic, ginger and
cooked in clay oven". The fish was a little tough (but I liked it), wholesome but complimented the tandoori marinate. A different take on tandoori but nevertheless unforgettable.

2. Spinach Pakora: "Finely chopped fresh spinach & potatoes delicately spiced and deep fried, served with mint sauce". A densely textured croquette/patty if you like, filled with herbs, spices and finely chopped potato & spinach. An articulate entree if you take the time to analyse the flavours...


3. Naan Bread - 3 varieties:

GARLIC NAAN: "Fine plain flour breadfinished with garlic, baked in tandoor".

PANEER NAAN: "Plain flour bread stuffed with cheese and spices"

KEEMA NAAN: "Plain flour bread stuffed with lamb mince and spices". This was the first time that I tried this, it was delightful! Reminds me of a fresh, warmed-up salami. Highly recommended!

4. Beef Vindaloo (made extra hot): "A traditional spicy curry for "hot food lovers". That description says nothing about the dish but if you can handle your spice ask them to amp it up - you can see the chilli seeds in the photo below. Was a stagnant type of hot, seedy, pungent dish. Yummo!

5. Bakra Masala (goat): "Diced goat sauteed in a wok with onion, pepper, tomato, ginger,
garlic and herbs and cooked to perfection". A more savoury curry, with stewed meat - goat with its own unique aroma & taste. I'd say the meat was the strongest flavour/element in this curry (gamey).

6. Chicken Tikka Masala: "Boneless tandoori Chicken pieces cooked in tasty thick Gravy". This is a tangy-er, sweeter curry compared to the others. Would even go as far as classifying it as kind of fruity which is not typical of Tikka Masala but this had a higher component of vege content.

All in all, a good dining experience & feed. Food comes out a little slower than I would like (don't go there starving) but that was also on a Saturday night with a full house.